List your lost or found pet here for free in calderdale brighouse yorkshire UK

List your lost or found pet here for free in calderdale brighouse yorkshire UK
Lost and Found Pets.
This new section is a free listing for any pets that has been lost or found mainly for Calderdale and surrounding area although not restricted to this area.
LOST YOUR PET? What to Do?
If you have suffered the unfortunate event of losing your loved Cat or Dog or any other pet that is likely to be found and returned via this website please contact me via mail or post and I will do my best to list your lost pet ASAP.
Please send as many details as possible with at least one good photo and as many details that will help anybody finding your pet be aware that this may be your lost pet.

FOUND a PET? What to Do?
If you have found what appears to be a lost and possibly a distressed pet unless it is in danger sometimes they are best left alone? Although this is not always the case if you think it is not likely to return to its owners on its own and by leaving it may cause more harm to the pet, be careful and cautions not to cause injury to you or the pet try to take the lost pet to a safe place or your home.
ASAP you should if possible take at least one good photo of the lost pet to list on our website, if it is not possible to take the pet to a safe secure place please contact one of the bodies that take care of lost pets that are listed on the internet or by other means to see if they can come and rescue this pet as soon as possible to avoid further suffering.
Please be aware many if not most of the pet cats or dogs wandering about may not be lost at all and may have wandered off a bit further than their usual safe distance and may well find their way home? (just in case try to keep an eye on this pet without causing further distress or suffering), some pets may look lost and distressed for other reasons like wet conditions, elderly or it may have just been running.
Wildlife is often best left where it is, as even very young birds that look as though they have fallen out of a nest, etc. their parents may well be watching their fledglings and by taking a young bird in this situation may be fatal please leave it where it is? Also by been picked up by what they see as a giant may cause more harm than good please seek professional help before you step in?
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